I went to Europe in 1999. I was faking a British accent within 10 minutes of getting off the plane! I was wearing white pants, a blue ski jacket and red & tan waffle stompers. I might as well have been draped in the stars and stripes. Everyone was in dark, neutral European colors. I looked like a circus walking through Munich in March.

An international survey asked people in other countries what the "dead giveaways" were that someone was American:

  • Grandpas wearing baseball caps
  • When you meet someone for the first time you ask if they know someone you know from that same general area.
  • Calling people "sir" and "ma'am"
  • Smiling at strangers or starting conversations with strangers
  • Enthusiasm + optimism
  • Using the phrase, "Good for you!"
  • Being loud in public
  • Wearing pajamas to the grocery store
  • Buying groceries in bulk
  • Using seatbelts
  • Tattoos
  • Cargo shorts
  • Going out to play when it's hot!
  • Pronouncing the letter "R" (Sorry Bostonians -- Go F*** Yo'selves)
  • Being amazed by anything older than 100 years
  • Not in a sour-ass mood all the time
  • White tennis shoes