Some men may disagree, but I think it's perfectly normal to have a "Man Crush." According to Urban Dictionary, a man crush is "When a straight man has a 'crush' on another man, not sexual, but kind of idolizing him." I am in no way attracted to any guy, but I can sit back and see (and appreciate) what women would find attractive in guys. In rare cases, a man crush develops. Then, an odd infatuation develops, much like thirteen year-old girls and Harry Styles. Again, I am not attracted to these guys, I just find myself Google-ing them more routinely, and watching their movies more frequently. The most important part of a man crush to me, is that I wish that I was more like them.

So, here we go, don't judge me. This is my list of man crushes, not including Tom Brady.

Ryan Gosling

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If you've never seen "Drive" or "Half Nelson", then I don't expect you to understand. I expect you to watch those movies and then understand. Ryan Gosling is such a great actor, he really believes in the characters he portrays. Plus, he does his own tattoos! He even created the accent he speaks with. Gosling didn't think his natural Canadian accent would sound tough or appealing, so upon entering the film business, he started speaking in his own concocted accent.

Henry Cavill

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This is solely a case of "I wish I was this guy." Henry Cavill. Superman. His chin could break your heart. His eyes could stop the world from spinning. He could fit his pecs in a size DD bra. This guy is jacked. On top of everything, he got to make out with Amy Adams. These are the reasons I have a Henry Cavill 'Man of Steel' poster on my wall.

Ryan Reynolds

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My mom calls me "Mrs. Ryan Reynolds." When he was married to Scarlett Johansson, I was never really quite sure who I was most jealous of. Ryan Reynolds is the definitive stud. He's Deadpool and he's the Green Lantern. He was People's 2010 "Sexiest Man Alive." All of my hard work and voting paid off.

Now that I've opened up, it's your turn. We want to know who your man crush is! Ladies, feel free to answer, as well!