Wrong Way Driver Plays Chicken With Pasco Police [VIDEO]
Sometimes, when Pasco police are on patrol, a wrong way driver will approach to play a game of "chicken".
This is taken from an officer coming face-to-face with a wrong way driver in his lane as he turned onto Sylvester from 5th at about 1:30 in the morning...
Help Pasco Police Catch This 100mph+ Speeding Criminal
Geovanny Blanco, age 21 from Pasco, REALLY didn't want to go to jail, so when the Pasco police attempted to pull him over at 14th and Lewis for a Benton County arrest warrant, he took off in his Honda running red lights, going over 100mph, recklessly weaving through traffic and zipping over the…
Stolen Kennewick Truck Torched by Youth with Gas Can
Kennewick Police responded to a report of two bandana-clad youths running with a gas can from the scene of a car fire in the 700 block of N. Edison St. in Kennewick. The perpetrators were not located.
A Dodge truck was burned as was an acre of dry grass nearby...
New Richland Firetruck Engine Blows Up and Starts Fire
A month-and-a-half-old Richland fire truck is toast after it's engine blew up, destroying the truck and sparking a blaze along Interstate 82 Monday afternoon.
The truck lost power and brakes before the firefighter did an amazing job of pulling the now-on-fire truck over to the side of the inters…
You’re Not Dreaming, Rural Washington Roads ARE That Bad
A new report says an unacceptable 21 percent of rural highways in the state of Washington are poorly rated, that's the 12th highest in the nation.
According to TRIP, a national non-profit transportation research group based in the nation's capital, the study also cites 5 percent of the stat…
Hermiston Busy Body in Custody!!
This little peach was busy!! I'm going to sum it up quickly.
Tamar Drake, 39, of Hermiston decided she was going to do some day drinking!! 5:30pm police received a call about a drunk woman breaking down the front door of a home in Boardman...
Your Brand New Harley Hog May Have a Serious Spillage Issue
Harley-Davidson is voluntarily recalling about 57-thousand motorcycles because of an oil line that can come loose and spray oil onto the path of the rear tire. Nine owners reported that oil lines have come loose and may have caused two crashes and one injury
The recall affects 2017 models:
Electra Gli…

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