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Are You Okay With a Strip Club in Kennewick? [POLL]
If you've been watching the news or your Facebook feed, you've seen that a new gentleman's club may be opening soon in Kennewick.
Every time I check the Facebook feed, there are a LOT of comments for and against the strip club opening...
Pasco High School Students ‘Pride’ Rap Video Goes Viral
Pasco High School Students wrote a song and made a music video about school pride that has now gone viral. The students were originally given the idea from a teacher asking if they would write a tribute song to Pasco High School. Victor Rodriguez, a 16 year old junior, two other
6 Crazy ‘Bad Parent’ Gift Ideas Originally Made for Pets
Christmas is around the corner and we were brainstorming at work about great ideas for gifts but our minds went into the gutter. Just for fun, we made a list of crazy pet Christmas presents that could work for kids if you were up for "Bad Parent of the Year...

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