Washington's job watchers say the state's employment numbers are slowly improving, but not for teenage boys.

Middle-aged Asian people are the LEAST likely to be unemployed in Washington state.

So what gives for the teen boys? Are they considered less reliable than girls? Do they have a harder time finding work as a barista or server?

Remember, the state is only able to count people who WANT work but can't find it. They can only guess how many people COULD work but don't want to.

Three out of 10 boys who want to work can't find a job. This could impact them negatively in the future. Unless they get experience, references and learn skills like getting along with co-workers, pleasing bosses and customer relations, they'll be less likely to find a job later.

What's the solution? Mowing lawns, I think. Anyone can do it. Even if they have to mow for $5 or something ridiculous, it will at least put money in their pocket and put a line item on their resume.