This Sunday at the Fairchild Cinemas in Pasco watch the new movie 'Kick Ass 2' with the main caracters dad in the movie played by Garrett Brown. How dope is that?

He is filming a new movie in Tri-Cities called 'Hello My Name Is Frank' and we invited garret and the whole crew to come watch the movie with us. Some of the actors from 'Hello My Name Is Frank'  that will be there are Hayley Kiyoko, Travis Caldwell, Rachel Dipillo, and Mary Kate Wilds.

If you want to join the party, get your tickets for the Sunday 4:50pm showing at the Fairchild Cinemas but get there early because the stars will roll in around 4:30pm. Watch for the classic 54 Ford Police Car, because thats what they'll be rolling up in.

If your a 'KickAss' fan, don't miss your chance to watch the new movie with Garret Brown and 97 Rock this Sunday.

Getty Images, Alberto E. Rodgriguez