Time and time again the rumors about Facebook charging its users for service come up on my news feed. These have been outed as false each time, but that doesn't mean Facebook isn't looking at other revenue streams to cash in on it' social media platform.

Last year, Facebook began 'Facebook Gifts' where you can buy real world gifts for your online friends and also began allowing businesses and users to pay to promote a post for it to be more visibile to others. Now, they are testing out a new pay to message feature. The first test subjects are the Corporate Facebook team, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Chris Taylor of Mashable discovered on Thursday that if you want to be in direct communication with Facebook founder Zuckerberg it will cost you $100. This will send a message directly to Zuck's inbox and not be stuffed into the 'Other' folder.

According to CNNMoney, a Facebook representative says, "We are testing some extreme price points to see what works to filter spam." The price point will more than likely be just $1 for a normal user and could be set at a higher price for celebrities and famous people.

Normally, a user on Facebook can not send direct messages to another user without connecting to them as a 'Friend'. The users message instead would be sent to a mailbox called 'Other', which is barely known about by most users. I myself just discovered this other mailbox last week. The advantage is the 'Other' mailbox filters out spam messages and it is true, 99% of the stuff included in there you don't want or need to read.

If this pay per message deal sticks for Facebook and you could directly message anyone for a small fee, who would you pay to chat with? Leave your answer in the comments below.