Free Beer, Hot Wings and Zane talked about an article on Gawker that bashes CrossFit. Everyone seemed to be pretty familiar with the new fitness phenomenon; Zane even said that he did it on a regular basis these days. But no one actually defended CrossFit against any of the attacks leveled by Gawker writer Hamilton Nolan.

Zane in particular admitted that most of what Nolan said in the article was on point, not to mention really funny. The part in the article that makes fun of the pull-ups being fake really got everyone going. “I can dunk a basketball if I jump off a trampoline,” said Zane, making fun of the accomplishment-slanted training that CrossFit is becoming known for.

The guys then got a kick out of the butthurt comments that now seem to be expertly trolled by Nolan. Here’s one of the best:

Hamilton Nolan – your a [expletive] idiot. go [expletive] yourself. you can do crossfit in a 10×10 room for free and alone. the “Cult” aspect is actually not a “Cult” but a motivational tool that pushes for teamwork and mental toughness. You idiot face will probably get injured because , well, your a [expletive] [expletive] that doesnt know what he/she is doing. Your girlfriend / boyfriend will like you more when you can keep your baby [expletive] erection longer than 30 sec after getting in shape via 1 month of 100 burpees / day in a row alone (with no cult), for free in your little apartment.

your a fool, [expletive] u. if i see you in nolita, i am going to [expletive] u up.

“I’m guessing that a lot of CrossFitters are thin-skinned,” said Free Beer.