There are new regulations this year on things that you can bring into a Seahawks game, making it a little tougher for parents. I have already been to two games this year, so maybe I can help save you some trouble if you are planning to go.

Notice the picture of the bag above. A clear bag that is 12 x 12 inches is basically just like the bag in the picture. You can bring other types of bags but to save confusion I put the NFL's video explaining the new bag policy below.

If you bring kids you may also want to bring a few more things.

  • The crowd at Century Link Field are the loudest fans in the world, and even caused an earthquake once. You are going to want to protect your little ones ears with noise dampening headphones. After doing some research I found these on the Internet, they are called Moggies.
  • Another thing you will want to get is a scarf because I rains a lot and there is a cold breeze that usually runs off the water. Half the season you will need one of these.
  • I would recommend some Seahawks gear. Almost everyone in the stadium is wearing gear, so you'll want to match. For about $150 you can get a custom screen printed jersey at the Pro Shop. They also have a good selection of hats, gloves, shirts and other Hawk stuff.
  • If you don't want to buy a bunch of stuff, just come decked out in neon green and blue. You'll want to fit in, so at least wear the colors.

Whatever you do, have a great time at the game. Go Hawks!