I read a story this morning on MSN about dating and they claim that if a guy spends a lot of money on dinner he can guilt some women into sleeping with him. $150 was the magic number.According to a survey by MSN, spending a lot of money on dinner WILL occasionally get a woman to sleep with you. One in five men admit that they "expect" to sleep with a woman if they spend $150 on dinner . . . and one in 14 women say that they would feel "obliged" to sleep with a guy if he spent that much. WOW Really? I find that hard to believe, what do you think?

So I guess if you have $2,100 to spare -- enough to take 14 women out for an expensive dinner -- you have a good chance of getting some. Or, if you can't afford to spend that much on dinner, you can take the same girl out five times: That's how many dates the average woman says she waits before having sex for the first time. The average guy is ready after three.