Sharon Tate was "Miss Richland" in 1959 before eventually becoming a model and actress in Hollywood and marrying Roman Polanski. Then, 8.5-months pregnant she was killed by followers of Charles Manson. Lindsay Lohan paid tribute to the actress yesterday in a bizarre way that has the world talking.

Considering her love of fashion, this could have just been an odd #ThrowbackThursday if not for her choice of Thursday: Nov. 12 was Charles Manson's 81st birthday.

For people in Tri-Cities who knew Sharon Tate, it was always difficult to see her become a sex symbol drooled over by "Playboy." When her name comes up in reference to the murders people generally think of the expectant mother and new bride Sharon Tate. In other words, to people here she was a person, not a celebrity.

The reason Lindsay Lohan's pic is distasteful is not her mysterious homage to Manson (she no doubt is as disgusted by him as everyone else) but because she appears to be paying tribute to the TV character of Sharon Tate, not the real person at all.