Name of band ?


How'd you get your name ?

Just throw ideas around and it just stuck

Who's in the band and what does everyone play ?

Spencer plays drums

Ryan bassist

Chris plays guitar and lead vocals

How long have you been playing together ?

A little over a year

How do you describe your music ?

It can very from alternative to punk to rock to just noise

Any upcoming shows ?

Oct. 12 in Moses Lake at The Chop Shop and Oct. 27

What are your long term goals ?

To go the distance to get as big as we can get

What are your musical influences ?

Chris: Nirvana, The Pixies, Sonic Youth , The Butthole Surfers

Ryan:– Blink-182, Descendents, Operation Ivy, Green Day

Spencer: Blink-182, Fastball, Cartney Danger, Weezer

Do you have any albums ?

Soon gonna be releasing an 18-song album titled Nihilistic

How many original songs do you have ?

All 18

How can people learn more about you?

Facebook- fraudulencetheband

Twitter- fraudulence1

Reverbnation- fraudulence

Do you have any audio files ?

4 tracks on reverbnation