Name of band?
Midnight Parkade

How’d you get your name?

We came up with the name after we decided to have a name change. Originally we were called The Dixons but due to legal issues we had to change it. At first I Pedro wanted the name “Parkade” named after the bar in downtown Kennewick. A friend of ours threw the idea to be named “Midnight Parkade” since we play in front of the bar at midnight. That’s what we wanted a unique name with a home vibe to it.

Who’s in the band, what does everyone play?

Pedro Salazar- guitar and vocals
Michael Madrigal- bass guitar
Nehemiah Ruiz- drums

How long have you been playing together?
We have been playing together over a year now ever since March of 2011

How do you describe your music, what genre?

The way we describe our music is just rock no need to title it. Three dudes banging the shit out of the instruments. You have Michael’s melodic rhythmic bass lines, Nehemiah’s soft yet power house drumming, and Pedro’s grungy vocals with distorted guitar riffs followed by kick ass lead solo. If anything we are that Washington sound people are familiar with, that with different influential input. Our music is pure raw emotion simple as that.

Any upcoming shows?
We have one at Ray’s Golden Lion in Richland November, 30th

What are your long term goals?
Our long term goals are to expose ourselves to the world and be heard. To make music a career not just a hobby.

Do you have any albums?
We have albums of material but have yet to record anything of the sort sorry. But we are currently recording a demo.

How many original songs do you have?
At least over 50, we really have nothing to do.

What is your Facebook page, do you have any websites?
We do have a Facebook and a Reverbnation account both are linked to each other.
Reverberation-Midnight Parkade

Do you have YouTube videos?
Yes we do just search Midnight Parkade and you will find us there.

Do you have any audio files?
Yes we do on our Reverbnation account but they are home recordings not studio quality check it out regardless.

What’s the best way to share a sample of your music?
Best way to share is to download it. It’s free