This past weekend we celebrated my son's(Lil Focker) 11th birthday and after 11 years he's now done something it took me 34 years to complete. Attend an NFL game!!

On his 11th birthday I think I got more out of my trip with Lil Focker to Century Link Field in Seattle to catch the Seattle Seahawks take on the Minnesota Vikings. I got to experience something every father and son should experience, time together watching football and cheerleaders.

It started at 6am with a very excited wake up from my son saying are you ready yet dad? We dawned our Seahawks gear and loaded up with the essentials, garlic chipotle smoked almonds from O'Nuts in West Richland and a bag of mini Snickers from our friends the Dimond's. Loaded up we hit the road to get their early and tailgate with our new friends Kevin, Dory, Gina, Jeff and the crew. They also had our tickets so it was a necessity to find them before the game. Once inside Century Link Field we headed towards TD City to get the face paint on and test our football throwing skills.(Dad struggled a little while Lil Focker rocked!) Then it was time to find our seats but not before we took out a 2nd mortgage loan on the house to get a beer, soda and water! We finally found our seats and we both were in awe of the energy the stadium and the fans were already bringing and the game hadn't even started yet.

From kick-off to the final whistle we had a blast and like I told a buddy of mine last night asking how it was, "It's like a tattoo, once you get one you want more!!'

Check out some great photos from our trip and videos from the days festivities.