An article supposedly written by Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman condemning violence against police was not written by him. But he agreed with most of it and said so this week.

It all started with a "Black Lives Matter" activist used his picture in a meme suggesting African Americans should target violence against police and white people. Then an article claiming to be by Sherman condemned the meme... only he didn't write it.

First he said he agrees with the "Black Lives Matter" movement. Most police are good, but some are not and they need to be removed.

But having grown up in Compton, Sherman said he knows a thing or two about street violence. And he said the most devastating violence he saw was between black people. If Black Lives Matter, he said, they should matter all the time regardless of who the perpetrator is.

Categorizing and profiling people based on race is just plain dumb, he argued.

Powerful stuff from one of the smartest men playing the game.