It's been a busy off season for the Seattle Mariners. Although they have not made the changes to the roster that a lot of fans are hoping to see, the club is making some major adjustments to Safeco Field including the addition of a new restaurant in left field called Edgar's, named after Mariners Hall of Famer Edgar Martinez.

The restaurant and lounge are part of a $15 million capital improvement plan for the ballpark for 2013 that also includes adjusting and moving in the left/left-center field wall as the front office looks to make the dimensions of the field more hitter friendly along with the new center field video screen which will be the largest in Major League Baseball.

Here is what the 'new' left field corner is projected to look like:


Martinez said:

Being asked to be part of this new project at Safeco Field is a great honor. Safeco Field is already one of the best ballparks in baseball, and the new restaurant and lounge will only make it better. I hope the fans have a good time at Edgar's.

What a cool way to honor one of the Mariners greatest hitters and one of the main reasons professional baseball is still played in the Northwest. The new two level restaurant in left field will feature patio style standing areas, similar to what is in center field now, and will feature occasional appearances from Edgar during the season.

The video screen, fence adjustments, and new restaurant are scheduled to be completed before the home opener on April 8 against the Houston Astros.