On June 21 Springleaf Financial presents Zac Grooms, Cody Christopherson, Nolan Hare, Al Hare and Joe Smart as Brewer's Grade at Friday Fix. Brewer's Grade is an original, contemporary, diverse and entertaining country band with years of playing together under their belt.
Zac Groom (vocals, guitar):
Writing and performing country music in the Northwest as a solo artist and band frontman for over 15 years, Zac has had a hand in writing nearly 40 songs including, “If I Had My Way” which went all the way to No. 1 on the Independent charts in 1999. Since recording his first single at age 14, Zac has won several awards, shared the stage with various country legends, and appeared on numerous radio shows. He continues to be highly recognized in the Columbia River Gorge music community.
Cody Christopherson (drums, guitar, bass guitar):
Playing since age 13, Cody cofounded the band “Unwound” with Zac Grooms in high school. He continued to play drums and develop the band for more than 10 years. Through arrangement and recording, booking and promotions, Cody’s style and attitude has been an important component in the formation of the band’s identity. After a brief hiatus, Cody has returned to the lineup.
Alan Hare (guitar):
Born and raised in The Dalles, Oregon, he began playing guitar at age 15. Al spent years mastering his craft in a diverse collection of styles including Van Halan and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Brent Mason and Vince Gill. Playing music throughout the gorge area during the 1990s and 2000s, Al became a well respected multi-genre guitarist. In 2004, Al joined the band and has since been a driving force in local music. Al plays a Valley Arts, Brent Mason Signature Guitar through Fender or Mesa Boogie Amps.
Nolan Hare (bass guitar):
He first took the stage in his early school days. Growing up in a home where it wasn't uncommon to hear Metallica, James Taylor, Chopin, Eric Clapton, Easy-E, and Garth Brooks throughout the course of a day, Nolan developed an appreciation for all styles. Since joining the band in 2008 he has contributed more than just his musical talents. With a background in live radio, event production, and web development, he has successfully maintained the band’s professional image keeping them on par with larger touring acts.
Joe Smart (banjo, guitar, strings):
An award winning multi-instrumentalist, studio musician, and producer, Joe has been performing music since the age of eight. He joined the band in 2011. Joe began on the guitar, moving on to the fiddle, mandolin, and recently taking up the banjo and resonator guitar. With influences from Bach to Van Halen, his musical style has been molded into a diverse amalgam of folk, blues, rock, jazz and classical. In 2007 he released his debut solo instrumental album “Guitarman.”

New song: "Write a Song About Her"