Shannon James is a model that has been featured in magazines such as Maxim UK, Steppin Out’ and Hooters. Shannon James is probably most well known for being a guest on the Howard Stern Show. Howard and the gang evaluated her, gave her the thumbs up, and sent her off to Playboy where she became Miss May 2007.

Making it onto the Howard Stern Show is impossible but add to that the fact that he thought she was Playboy material, and Playboy agreed, well that’s just like catching lightning in a bottle. You might have a better chance of actually catching lighting in a bottle. We suggest using a very large bottle. Maybe one of those old milk bottles like your Grandma keeps in the fridge, cold and full of milk, even though milk stopped being delivered to homes decades ago.

The bottles are old but she uses new milk right? That isn’t like stocked-up milk? Gallons and gallons of milk saved in the basement with John F. Kennedy half-dollars and old newspapers with important news headlines. Old people are crazy frugal like that so it wouldn’t shock us.




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