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Oregon Fears Eclipse Watchers Sure to Start Forest Fires
It's not that Oregon forestry officials are being pessimistic. They're just being realistic. MILLIONS of people are expected to visit Oregon for the Aug. 21 eclipse of the sun.
With that many people coming to the state and most of them camping, or at least spending the day outdoors, wildfir…
Motorcyclist Pulls Over for an Ambulance, Pays Dearly for It
A Moses Lake man was riding his Harley Davidson on SR 170 when an ambulance approached from the opposite direction. Following the law, the cyclist slowed down and pulled over.
A 48-year-old in a Toyota Camry on the same side of the road as the cyclist DID NOT slow down and pull over...
Police Say You're Probably Using Your Child's Car Seat Wrong
Moses Lake Police shared a video recently saying they see this mistake all the time. Despite your best efforts, you could be endangering your child:
The rule is knowing the weight limits on the anchor restraint belts. The LATCH systems in cars (anchors in the car where belts on the car seat…
All You Need to Know About River of Fire '17 @ Columbia Park
Are you ready for HAPO Community Credit Union's 31st annual River of Fire celebration in Columbia Park July 4, 2017? It's the largest fireworks show in the Mid Columbia and one heck of a party!
This year's event is TUESDAY noon to end of show (although gates open at 7 a...
Don't Miss the Gorge Blues & Brews Festival June 24
The 24th annual Gorge Blues and Brews Festival is Saturday, June 24, in Stevenson, Washington. This is a 21-year-old and over event for both Friday and Saturday.
The scenic drive through the Columbia Gorge adds beauty to the sounds and tastes of this fantastic festival...
Don't Miss Monster Truck Thunder in Walla Walla Saturday
Monsters invade Walla Walla! Well, OK, the monstrously large trucks of ‘Monster Truck Thunder’ are in Walla Walla leading up to Saturday’s two shows at the Walla Walla Fairgrounds. Check out the ‘American Thunder’ monster truck early this a…
LDS Church Cancels Varsity & Venture Scout Charters
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) sponsors dozens of Venture and Varsity Scout Troops in the Mid Columbia. The church announced its intent to cancel these charters Thursday, May 11.
The church officially stated the cancellation was done to serve its own needs and not out of pr…
Richard Aguirre Found Innocent by Jury in Re-Trial
The first jury couldn't reach a verdict. The second trial began Wednesday morning and ended Thursday afternoon. After a short deliberation the jurors decided there was insufficient evidence to convict the former Pasco officer of rape.
You Have Until 9am Thursday Play (Brackets) For 55-Inch TV!
Selection Sunday is over and the Gonzaga Men's Team starts the tournament against South Dakota State! That means it's your time to fill out your bracket for a chance to win a 55-inch TV courtesy of Uncle Sam's Saloon! If you get 60 points or more you'll win $10k and if you get a …
Insane Inflatable 5k Returns to Tri-Cities May 20, 2017
All of us at 97 Rock were ecstatic to hear that the Insane Inflatable 5K is returning to Tri-Cities for another round of bouncy, hysterical fun! We are thrilled to once again invite you to come bounce with us in 2017.
Your Child's School May Do Emergency Early Release Today
Columbia Basin College has cancelled afternoon classes, Hanford is sending people home early, North Franklin School District is releasing early, many private schools are releasing early and public schools are on "snow routes" for afternoon buses...
Go Ravens? Tri-City Herald Flubs Super Bowl Sunday Headline
Do the Falcons know? Was it another sneaky Belichik move to make the wrong team prep for game day? These were some of the jokes locals made on Facebook this morning as people began posting pics of the Feb. 5, 2017 Sunday edition of the Tri-City Herald.
Umatilla Commissioner Cuts Funding to Local Events, Groups
County commissioner Bill Elfering is making a tough call and saying no more economic and community development money from Oregon's lottery will be given to small local groups to help promote their events. The money can be better spent, he said.
Oregon Says: Please Let the Deer Starve (No Really)
Fish & Wildlife officials in northeast Oregon are concerned about citizens dropping off animal feed for deer and elk.
Yes, many animals are facing starvation after this harsh winter, but feeding them in January isn't the solution.
Here are 3 surprisingly logical reasons to let the animals starve:
10 Things You Didn't Know About Gisele and a Guy She Married
I'm really excited to see Gisele on TV this Sunday at some sporting event I'm not really sure about. Apparently she'll be there supporting some guy she married who makes about a third as much as her and is about half the woman she is. Here are a couple things you maybe didn't know about Gisele: