Skrillex and Disney, together at last? The electronica superstar has been tapped to contribute to the score of an upcoming Disney animated feature titled ‘Wreck-It Ralph,’ it was announced Tuesday (July 12) at the Comic-Con gathering in San Diego, Calif. The flick, which stars John C. Reilly in the title role alongside Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch and Jack McBrayer, offers the tale of a so-called “video game baddie” — that’s Ralph — who has a change of heart and aims to become a good guy.

Skrillex is on a bit of a roll when it comes to Hollywood recently. Last month, it was revealed that he will be twiddling his knobs for a new flick from cult director Harmony Korine. Skrillex will be in charge of scoring the movie ‘Spring Breakers,’ which stars James Franco in the role of a rapper named “Alien.” That flick, which will also feature Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and others, is based on the real-deal story of a rapper named Riff Raff.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s cool that Skrillex is making some music for Disney, but we’d much rather see the House of Mouse have its animators tell his tale. The unexpected rise to glory of a DJ who goes from crashing on friend’s couches to spinning in front of massive festival crowds in a matter of months: How’s that for a plot? And besides, just seeing Skrillex’s hair rendered in Disney animation sounds worth the price of admission to us.