Vacation is over back to work and reality for that matter. If you are planning a family vacation to Orlando Florida and have ever wanted to interact with dolphins in a safe environment...then Discovery Cove is for you.


It will set you back $300 + dollars but in my opinion it was well worth it. When you arrive at Discovery Cove its more like a hotel lobby than a theme park entrance. The best part about the $300 bucks is every thing is included all you can eat and drink including beer, wine and frozen cocktails, towels and wet suits. The only extra I paid for were my photos and they were well worth it.


My absolute favorite thing I did was the dolphin encounter. I was lucky enough to meet two amazing dolphins "Thelma" a 600 pound female and "Diego" named after his birth place San Diego. They were both amazing creatures and the trainers assured us they live a very pampered life. In fact in the wild a dolphins life span is only approximately 25 years and in captivity 40+ years. In my opinion save your $$ and go to discovery cove.