The game was more exciting than years previous, but one fan managed to spice things up a little bit more. Donning a cape (maybe it's a poncho?) and rocking a swimsuit top, this female fanatic was jacked when Jordan Cameron hauled in a touchdown pass from Nick Foles.

Of course the TV never gives these people any face time, but it looked like she managed to dodge a few security guards as players and the coaches watched on and laughed. I wonder if she got tased?

According to YouTube user Angela Vigil: "that's my best friend. Its hard to tell but that cape is a New Mexico flag, which is where we are from but she lives in Hawaii. She is  runner and a gym rat. Shes all about that fit life...she called me right before she did it."


I had recorded the video above from the TV using my phone, but the video below shows the entire charade from a fans view in the stadium. The "streaker" tries to get some chest bumps, but none of the players are really having it and are just kind of standing around wondering "What is this chick doing?" Finally, a member of the security team corrals the girl and gets her off the field. Props to YouTube user imcalledgpk for the video.