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Where Did ‘East Kennewick Ugly’ Come From? [SURVEY]
Went to a Kennewick High School football game a few weeks ago with my friends. I was surprised to see kids wearing T-shirts that read, "EKU: East Kennewick Ugly." Someone told us where they thought the slogan came from. I'm curious what you've heard.
I’m Teaching a Foreign Exchange Student How to Survive
My mom back at home has a foreign exchange student from Egypt. His name is Yussef. He is sixteen, and he plays basketball for Egypt's national U-18 team. Because he is foreign, and sometimes oblivious to "friendly" misguided high school behavior, my mom asked me to teach him t…
High School Baseball Team Loses 65-0
There is a reason some leagues use a 10-run 'mercy rule,' and this is it. Licking Heights High School of Pataskala, Ohio beat Harvest Prep of Winchester, Ohio, 65-0, earlier this month. The game was called after Licking Heights plated a jaw-dropping 31 runs in the third inning...
4Chan.org Post Closes Skyline High School Near Seattle
With social networks like Facebook, 4Chan, Twitter, and Reddit, news can spread ithin minutes. Late Wednesday night, a post was made on 4Chan.org stating that a student was going to take their father's sub machine gun (supposedly pictured in the post) and "open fire on people in the commons unt…

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