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What Would Satan Drive? [POLL]
Acura has just announced that they have a new commercial for the Super Bowl that features Van Halen's "Runnin' with the Devil."
We got a sneak peak and they are using Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo from the classic 1978 song from the band's debut album...
Seahawks’ Pass on 2nd & Goal Not as Stupid as It Looked
Pete Carroll has a reputation of making "ballsy" risky calls that pay off high dividends, or miss very badly.
In Super Bowl XLIX, both examples came to light. The slant pass to tie it up at half-time, and the slant pass that was intercepted by Malcom Butler...
Seahawks Movie Will Get You Pumped [VIDEO]
I was searching on Youtube trying to find any Seahawks song that had rock in it. I finally found one. Aerosmith is in the middle of this video. But what I found in this video was more than just a rock song.

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