Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After [VIDEO]
Now in a few, definitely not painless, procedures you can have that drunken mistake of a dolphin above your buttcrack or your ex-fiance's name almost completely removed from your skin. After the jump check out a video showing the procedure performed by Dr. TATTOFF and take our survey on tattoo …
Eye Jewelry and Eye Tattoos – Really?
Since everyone and the grandma seems to have a tattoo these days and dermals are becoming more and more common, the next (obvious?) step would be to put a jewelry implant into your eye or even get the whites of your tattooed, right? Yeah, I think it sounds stupid too.
Live @ Sick Azz Tattoo
On Saturday May 19th the 97 Rock crew stopped by Sick Azz Tattoo's in Kennewick and hung out for their grand opening celebration. Brett Skinner and the crew definitely know how to throw a grand opening party! Thanks Sick Azz Tattoo
Watch Korn’s New Video for ‘Way Too Far’
Last week I showed you a photo that Korn had posted on their Facebook page showing their bassist Fieldy going all Mike Tyson and getting his face tattooed. Turns out they weren't REAL tattoos, but makeup used for a scene in the music video for their new single 'Way Too Far'. Thank god…

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