I was on the west side of the mountains this weekend and had a chance to see and feel the 2012 Tesla Model S. At first glance a very impressive 4 door sedan, the weird part is no gas engine, this car is totally electric and looks nothing like a traditional electric car. The interior was sleek and impressive, kind of minimalist but in a good way.

(Photo By Stacy Lee)

The price is what truly shocked me, the model with the smallest battery starts at around $55,000 and will take you six months to get. Not as high priced as I thought when I first laid eyes on the sexy car. I have included a picture of the car's computer, which as you can see is huge and yes it goes like on the web...crazy. The only real problem I see for this amazing vehicle is a lack of charging stations. Hang on I'm sure more of those are coming.

Check out a test drive of this car with a wide open throttle.