On June 28 Springleaf Financial presents Village (a.k.a. The Village Musicians) is a three-piece band made up of three brothers Riley Wilkinson, Landon Wilkinson, Sean Wilkinson plus Kylon Gienger. They have been performing together for over just over four years and in that time completed four full album releases and have toured internationally.

They are the perfect antidote to the slick, soul-less music that is spoon fed to the kids of America. Not a product of Media Moguls, this band of easy-going, honest, hard-working musicians all sing, write all their own songs and play all their instruments. A breath of fresh air in an auto tuned nightmare of teenage puppets! The Village Musicians are career artists and they're just beginning their journey; expect greatness from them!" - producer Warren Huart.

The music tastefully flows between funk, rock, reggae and folk. R-Dub Big Beats (the oldest brother on the band) and Rob Gnarly (the second oldest) are both songwriters and lead vocalists for the group. Gnarly contributes the introspective and folk-reggae style, R-Dub the rock and roll. They sometimes working together and other times individually on their songs, which adds another dimension to the sound of the band. They have toured extensively in the Pacific Northwest and have ventured down as far as Hollywood. The band has also traveled to Lima, Peru and toured through out the Peru nation.