History books are full of stories about people that changed the world. We all know Neil Armstrong, John F. Kennedy, and Alexander the Great. Some people never make their way into history books, but are responsible for changing the world, and sometimes even saving it.

  • Vasili Arkhipov  - Almost single-handedly prevented nuclear warfare. He prevented the launch of a missile from his ship during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He was portrayed by Liam Neeson in K-19: Widowmaker.
  • Stanislav Petrov - In the 1980's when he judged a report that a missile had been launched from the United States at Russia was false. He was correct, and prevented certain nuclear warfare.
  • Frederick the Great - Prussian king who kicked a lot of European ass in the eighteenth century. A LOT OF ASS. Most people don't even know what Prussia is.
  • Thomas Midgley, Jr. - More responsible for the well-being of the Ozone than any organism in history. Only after he had died did people become aware of the problems facing the Ozone.
  • Norman Borlaug - Biologist whose research is the reason the world has nearly 7 billion people in it, instead of less than 6 billion.
  • Baron von Steuben - Forced to leave Germany on grounds that he could be prosecuted for being homosexual, Friedrich Wilhem von Steuben made his way to the colonies. He crossed paths with George Washington and his army at Valley Forge when they were freezing to death and eating boot leather to survive. Von Steuben whipped these militants into shape, teaching them strategy, tactics, and overall discipline. Washington appointed him to General. Without Baron Von Steuben, there is no telling how the Revolution would've turned out. He didn't even speak English.