Like all great empires, America will one day be only a memory (may God grant us many more centuries). When that day eventually comes, what would you like the history books to say about our first 250 years?

The Moon Landing -- one of the greatest advances mankind has ever achieved.
Neil Armstrong, Getty Images Hulton Archive
The KFC Double Down
Michael Saechang
  • The Internet
  • Computer chips
  • The assembly line
  • Hulton Archive, Getty Images
      • Yellowstone and having invented the National Parks idea
      • The nuclear age
      • Street lights
      • Deep-fried butter
      • Flight
      • The NFL
    Elsa, Getty Images
      • The Constitution
      • Tex-Mex food
    Nikolay Trubnikov
      • Rock-and-Roll
      • Hip Hop
      • Hollywood
      • McDonald's
      • The automobile lifestyle
      • Jazz music
    Express, Hulton Archive
    • Cheeseburgers, American pizza, hot dogs and Philly cheese steak sandwiches