Vinyl has been making a big comeback. Since many music stores are only selling CDs and most people are now buying their music in mp3 format, where can you still find vinyl? Here are three of the top stores in the Mid Columbia that specialize in selling records.

1.) Adventures Underground

Adventures Underground
Adventures Underground

Located at 1391 George Washington Way in The Uptown Shopping Center of Richland, Adventures Underground is one of the only stores in the Tri-Cities still selling records. They sell both used and new records and receive new shipments at least three times a week. Adventures Underground has a big collection of records ranging from The Beatles (who are their best selling-selling artist) to newer underground artists. If they don't have the record you want in their store, you can also order it through them. Adventures Underground also participates in Record Store Day and Black Friday's Mini Record Store Day. It's a locally-owned business and they also sell comics, books, Japanese treats, games, models, and hobby supplies. For more information on Adventures Underground, like their Facebook page or visit their store website.

2.) Hot Poop


For over 30 years, Hot Poop has been Walla Walla's top record store. The store, which has grown to over twenty times its original size since first opening, also specializes in 8-tracks, clothing, memorabilia, posters, videos, magazines, and audio equipment. The locally-owned store is run by owner Jim McGuinn and clerks Michael McGuinn and Jason Small who say they "appreciate the fine folks of Walla Walla who have kept them and theirs out of the welfare and food stamp lines." Hot Poop is located at 210 E. Main Street in Walla Walla. For more information on the store like their Facebook page or visit their store website.



Located in Walla Walla, CD EXCHANGE has a large collection of records. The records at CD EXCHANGE are very affordable and they also sell cassettes, VHS, posters, 8-tracks tapes, t-shirts, and incense. The Store is located at 2200 E. Melrose Suite 6-A in Walla Walla. For more information on CD EXCHANGE, visit their Facebook page.