I'm gonna level with you. Before I started working for 97 Rock, I would try to go to church on Saturday with my family. When I was younger, I was raised pretty conservatively in a Christian home. As I grew into my early teens, I resented religion and religious people. When I was 16, my parents stopped making me go to church. Then, as I got older and became more in tune with the world, I went less and less. Now, I spend my Saturdays working at 97 Rock, and never go.

You don't really appreciate being able to go to church (or wherever you go), until you're not really able to anymore. I went from being, "Screw this. This is ridiculous.", to missing church. My solution? I got an iPod classic and threw my entire library on it, including some Christian music. So, every Saturday before work, I listen to Amy Grant. If you've never heard of her, she is the queen of 80's synth-pop, big hair Christian music. Could you even call this a guilty pleasure?  It's how I feel better about the sins I commit. Laugh it up.

Stay For a While

Sing Your Praise to the Lord

Love Can Do