Meet Wit, a SuicideGirl who loves the Beatles, can’t live without her hammock and just returned from vacation in the rain forests of Belize. Is she a hottie? You better Belize it!

Name: Wit

Age: 24

Location: Louisiana

Into: I like to go on adventures (recently went to the rain forests of Belize). I love Scuba Diving. I’m a complete nerd for Biology. I’m in love with my hammock and Harry Potter. I love food and to cook.

Not into: Roaches, clowns, feet, or dope addicts.

Makes me happy: Being with friends and loved ones.

Makes me sad: Rejection

Hobbies: Scuba, reading, video games and “tokin.”

5 things I can’t live without: Cell phone (it sucks), cigarettes (though I’m quitting), eyeliner (a girl’s gotta look good), my hammock and my friends

Vices: I don’t always think before I speak, which results in me being loud and very blunt. Also, I tend to go on rants about the biological correctness of statements and my friends hate it.

I spend most of my free time: Workin, schoolin’, “tokin” and sleeping.

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