My favorite thing about November is all the historical documentaries on TV about veterans, Kennedy and Pilgrims! Here are 10 crazy stories from history you'll never find in a history book!

  • 1

    A Russian Nuclear Sub Almost Attacked a Navy Ship During Cuban Missile Crisis

    The U.S. Navy detected the Russian sub, and launched depth charges trying to make it surface or run away. The captain thought they were under attack and wanted to launch his nuclear missiles. He was narrowly talked down.

  • 2

    A Governor Once Killed Genghis Khan's Ambassadors So He Destroyed the Entire Empire

    A trade caravan was sent to central Asia near present day Uzbekistan and a regional governor killed the men and took the goods. Genghis Khan appealed to the Shah for redress, who killed those ambassadors. So Genghis Khan used close to his entire army to march half-way across Asia and destroy the entire empire. He poured molten silver into the eyes and ears of the governor and told his son to not rest until the Shah was dead.

  • 3

    A Miscommunication Once Caused Units of the Austrian Army to Attack Themselves Killing 10,000

    During their war with the Ottomans, Austria's forces are believed to have lost 10,000 at the Battle of Karansebes in 1788 because drunk soldiers started shooting at each other and other soldiers thought the enemy was in their midst. The units were made up of a variety of nationalities across Eastern Europe and could not understand one another. The casualties weakened the army such that when the Ottomans did arrive a few days later they easily conquered the Romanian city.

  • 4

    A Companion-in-Arms of Joan of Arc Later Became a Serial Murderer of Children

    A wealthy Frenchman who dabbled in the occult had a hobby of kidnapping and torturing children. His money protected him for years before the church finally brought him down.

  • 5

    The Radioactive Boy Scout

    David Hahn tried to create a nuclear reactor in his shed. The scary part of his stupid endeavor was how much radioactive material a teenager was able to amass. He never succeeded in inventing anything, but he did make his shed EXTREMELY dangerous to the neighborhood. The shed became an EPA superfund site.

  • 6

    Yang Kyoungjong -- Unwilling Soldier of 3 Armies

    A Korean, Yang was forced to join the Japanese Army fighting Russia. Then he was forced to join the Russian Army fighting Nazies. Then he was forced to join the Nazi Army fighting at D-Day. Then he was sent to a POW camp and later moved to Illinois until his death in 1992.

  • 7

    The African Samurai

    A Japanese war lord in the 16th century had an African page who later became his bodyguard and was promoted to the rank of Samurai.

  • 8

    Two European Princesses Had a Topless Duel in 1892

    In 1892 the princess of Liechtenstein and a countess had an argument and challenged each other to a duel. They disrobed the top half of their dresses and swung the swords at each other (neither knowing how to fight) until one was stabbed in the arm.

  • 9

    China's Largest Civil War Was Caused by a Christian Cult

    About the same time as the American Civil War, the Taiping Rebellion was started by a man who claimed to have had a vision in which God told him he was Jesus Christ's little brother. He converts a bunch of minority groups and builds an army to defeat the Qing Dynasty and establish a Christian kingdom in China with him as emperor and prophet. Tens of millions of people died.

  • 10

    The Worst Race Riots in American History Were in Tulsa, OK

    In about 16 hours more than 800 African Americans were seriously injured and the wealthiest African American neighborhood in America was burnt to the ground. Until the mid 1990s official histories of the city and state suppressed this story.