Contrary to popular belief, there are a LOT of cool things to do in the Tri-Cities. Okay, not as many as Seattle or Portland, but still there are some places, events, and activities you must do in the Tri-Cities! Here's the list of a few things we think every Tri-Cities resident must do before they die (or at least move to a new place). And thanks for those who commented on our Facebook with suggestions! See how many you've already done. And if we missed something, let us know!

1. Party at Boat Races

2. Hike Badger

3. Go to a Tri-City Americans Game

4. Take a break at Resilliant Roasters

5. GET WINE! (There are too many great places to mention! Google it.)

6. Ride the Carousel of Dreams

7. Art in Park

8. Breakfast at Magills

9. Go to a Dust Devils Game

10. Eat at a Taco Truck! Drive around. Find one. Eat.