Richland plans to develop the land south of the 12/182 freeway at Columbia Point and to do so they need Native American permission. They're probably just planning to build condos, since access is limited, but here are 10 things I'd like to see:

My uncle says back in the 1940s and 50s kids used to dig for Indian burial grounds out there. The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla know about that, and they aren't happy. That's part of the reason the land is preserved right now. They may be open to development, but they want to make sure extreme sensitivity is exercised when digging in the land.


  • 1

    Joe's Crab Shack

    Sure, we already have Anthony's right there, but a low-cost seafood option right on the river would be awesome.

  • 2

    Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

    Ditto. The convergence of the Yakima and Columbia rivers is the perfect place for a seafood restaurant!

  • 3

    Splash Park

    Howard Amon Park has a wading pool. Old Richland needs a splash park.

  • 4

    A Greek Amphitheater

    City of Richland is building a cool stage for John Dam Plaza. That means citizens will need a new venue for low-key gatherings and a Greek amphitheatre is perfect for those. Remember when Howard Amon Park had one? Loved that.

  • 5

    A fishing pier

    Leslie Grove has a fishing pier where it's too shallow for boats and it's very popular. We need one near the Yakima River.

  • 6

    Disc Golf Course

    Aside from the new, small one behind Fred Meyer in Richland, there's no where to play disc golf in that part of Richland.

  • 7

    Bike Shop

    In Richland there's Greenies, which isn't a traditional bike shop, and there's a couple near the Uptown. I think that'd be a genius place for a shop, especially if they did some rentals. Perhaps a Greenies second location?

  • 8

    Native American monument

    We know there was a village near Bateman Island because Lewis & Clark described the people there as being peaceful and depending on the river for their livelihood. It's sad little has been done to commemorate the first inhabitants of this area. A church was built for them in Richland in the 1840s by Catholic missionaries. Not sure what happened after that.

  • 9


    Columbia Point isn't necessarily a good location for one, but we need one in Tri-Cities, so why not?

  • 10

    Trader Joe's

    Columbia Point is actually a HORRIBLE place for a Trader Joe's, but again, Tri-Cities needs one so why not? Surround that sucker with expensive condos and you've got yourself a little 90210.