Being a parent is a joy, but once in awhile some moron with great marketing sense grabs your kids attention and makes them obsessed over the DUMBEST something or over. Kids, here are 10 things your parents are SO OVER!

  • 1

    Expensive socks

    Touche fashion experts. You're right, socks WERE the next great frontier. But I am so done paying $19 for SOCKS! They're SOCKS!

  • 2

    Ducklip Selfies

    Turn 14, think it's cool, turn 24 and rage against it... reincarnate and repeat. Duck lip photos are just the worst and each new generation of smartphone users just don't get it... yet.

  • 3


    YES, I WOULD prefer you build cool stuff and explore new worlds than play first-person shooter games. But come on! There is more to life than a COMPUTER GAME!!!

  • 4

    Hot Topic

    We ALL like their cool t-shirts and quirky accessories. It's definitely a must-stop at the mall. But I'm pretty sure Hot Topic was not designed to be a store providing your entire outfit. For example, ever seen a Hot Topic catalogue? Game, set, match.

  • 5

    Weird piercings

    When we were kids we all rolled our eyes at the tongue piercers. Now there are snake bites, ear gauges, nipple rings and nose septums.

  • 6

    Facial hair

    Nothing is uglier on a kid than a thin, pathetic mustache or wannabe beard. But they just don't get it.

  • 7

    Skulls on everything

    Sure, I like Halloween, in fact I LOVE Halloween. But what's up with the skulls? Scary skulls, anatomically-correct skulls, cute skulls, cute skulls with bows...

  • 8

    Shorts in winter

    It's like some kind of act of rebellion or something. "You bought me warm clothes, but I'm not going to wear them, I'm going to be cold on purpose and look stupid doing it."

  • 9

    Knee-high socks

    Is it an anime thing? A Harry Potter thing? A comic book thing? It looks so stupid... and the socks are usually neon or some other bright color.

  • 10

    Saying they're dating a guy because they go to Chuck E. Cheese together

    When people say, "We're together" the definition of "together" has really changed a lot in the past 20 years. Kids can't go to school dances or the movies or hang out in front of burger joints anymore unless they're boyfriend and girlfriend. Kids, let's put "friend" back in BF, shall we?!