You would be surprised to find that there are a lot of things to do around the Tri Cities. If your family is coming to visit over the holidays and YOU think there is nothing to do, just grab one or two of these 10 things and keep them entertained.


  • 1

    Hike Badger Mountain

  • 2

    Visit the Hanford Reach

  • 3

    Go to an Americans game

    kathy libby
  • 4

    See a movie at the planetarium

    Daniel Mirer/Daniel Mirer/Fuse
  • 5

    Take the kids to Chucky Cheese

  • 6

    Watch stars at the planetarum

    Linda Bucklin
  • 7

    Walk the river trails

    Phil Nye/TSM
  • 8

    Tour the Hanford monument

  • 9

    Photo scavenger hunt in the mall

    Francesco Salvaggio
  • 10

    Go fishing

    Ingram Publishing