It is holiday baking time and of course time for all those holiday pies...I'll admit I'm not much of a baker and I usually resort to buying store bought pie crusts but for you traditionalist here are some amazing tips!

Photo Credit svetlana foote
  • Butter flavored shortening!
  • Butter. Butter. Butter
  • Use ice water
  • Butter and shortning, do not overwork the dough
  • Cinnamon
  • Just a teaspoon of vinegar! Makes a huge difference! Also real butter never use margarine..ever!
  • Use vanilla wafers crushed add butter and press... used his for an ice cream pumpkin pie
  • Lard is the secret, per 3 grandmothers
  • add vodka for flaky crust
  • Chilled butter, and one of these!