When I was growing up in Montana there was a family with 12 kids who were all total slobs. Of all the times I went to their house I never once saw the surface of their counter top because it was so covered with dishes, rags and spills. An international survey asked thousands of people to share their No. 1 story about a weird family growing up who didn't know they were weird. The answers are hilarious!

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    The Short Order Cook

    The mother in a family of 5 made 5 different dinners from scratch every day. They each decided what they wanted and she made it for them. Then they ate it by themselves. When I said I'd just have what my friend was having she seemed insulted.

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    The Water Savers

    I went to someone's house where -- no joke -- they wouldn't flush the toilets until they were at full capacity. The entire top floor just reeked of poop, it was disgusting. One time I saw them scooping poop and soggy toilet paper into a bucket and throwing it in the backyard. I wish I was joking.

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    The Garbage Patch Kids

    Rather than use a garbage can, my friend's family had a room to throw away their garbage. A room that served no other purpose than a garbage can. I asked him what they were going to do when it was full, and he just said it wasn't their problem because they were moving in a few months. Even if you're moving, wouldn't you rather not have rotting piles of garbage in your house?

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    Boys Will Be Boys

    A friend's house didn't have a lock on the bathroom door and the 12-year-old boy kept sneaking in to peep on his 14-year-old sister in the shower. The sister was pissed but the parents just thought it was funny.

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    Everything in a friend's house lit up. The picture of his grandparents, the clock, the speakers, EVERYTHING lit up.

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    Skinny Dipping

    When I was 12 or so my friend invited me to his house to go swimming. I ride over and knock on the door. He opens it, buck naked. Apparently they swim naked and just run around the house like that if they feel like it.

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    I stayed at my best friend's house a lot because it's nice being around them, but one time her dad left the door open while he was going No. 2 and as I walked past and saw him he just nodded "Hello" at me and continued reading his newspaper.

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    What's Up Pussy Cat?

    We invited a Chinese girl in college over to our house during Christmas because the campus gets pretty deserted. I figured Christmas was going to seem strange to her and we were all prepared to answer questions, but it wasn't Christmas that really surprised her.

    She's sitting on the couch and the cat jumps up next to her and she just freezes. "What's wrong?" I ask. "What is that?" she asks, completely seriously. "What do you think it is?" my wife asked.

    She says, "It looks like a small lion."

    My wife laughed and said she was close, it was called a cat and it lived in the house. The Chinese woman asked what the cat wanted. So my wife showed her how to pet the cat. The Chinese woman was delighted about how soft the cat was and spent the rest of the evening petting the cat.

  • 9

    Nothing to Hide

    I was at a friend's house and in their upstairs hallway there was a treasure chest (like from a pirate movie) filled with sex toys, leather masks and whips!

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    No Soup for You!

    A friend's house had a dinner ritual when I was 9 years old. Basically there was no drinking at dinner time. You'd get a glass of water/pop/milk (whatever you wanted) but you absolutely were NOT allowed to drink it until after you were finished with your plate. I have Diabetes Insipidus so I'm usually quite parched. They served spicy spaghetti with garlic bread. My friends mom even yelled at me about taking a drink of my milk as I was eating dinner since I wasn't previously told about this thing. My friend looked at me like I had just broken a commandment by taking a large drink of my milk. His mom then made me go put the glass on the counter in the kitchen because I "couldn't control myself." It was supposed to be a sleepover but I left shortly after dinner. I never did go back over to their house. Apparently she just hated the slurping at the table.

    This mother also insisted everyone take their shoes off BEFORE getting in the car. You'd take one shoe off, step into the car, take the other shoe off and put both into a bag. Even in the winter!