According to investigators, a father was teaching his 10-year-old son to drive when he apparently lost control and crashed into an irrigation canal. (Photo of accident scene courtesy of KNDU-TV).

Our news partner KNDU-TV is reporting the investigation into the March 30th crash showed 45-year-old Scott Kolves had his 10-year-old behind the wheel when their pickup truck landed in a canal South of Coulee City.

They were apparently on  fishing trip that day, and the boy was learning to drive.  The father reportedly grabbed the steering wheel when the boy lost control, but he couldn't prevent their truck from going into the canal.

The 10-year-old, who's name was not released,  survived as did his 12-year-old brother. But 8-year-old Kory Kolves could not be revived when paramedics found him downstream.  The body of Scott Kolves, the father, still has not been located.