If you don't like Simon Cowell, it's likely because you don't like straight talk. And if that's true, don't read further. I've compiled a helpful list of dating mistakes people make ALL THE TIME that no one loves them enough to point out. Tough love served cold:

  • 1

    Your photo on your online dating site should look exactly like you.

    People choose first dates based on physical attraction. The actual date is where your personality should shine. If you use a profile photo that doesn't accurately portray how you even look, the person opposite you will be annoyed and will not be checking out your personality.

  • 2

    If you play hard-to-get, you're also easy to give up

    Playing hard to get can be a very smart strategy IF you also drop hints the person should keep trying, keep pursuing. If you're JUST hard to get, you'll find yourself alone. Many, many men follow a "three strikes you're out" policy. If they try three times to date you without success, they're done.

  • 3

    Know the difference between an apology and an expression of frustration and/or regret

    An apology has 3 steps:

    1. Say you're sorry.
    2. Say what you did wrong.
    3. Propose how you're going to make things right.
  • 4

    Women generally (99.999999999%) do not want a picture of your "anatomy"

    For years I refused to believe this was a real problem. But when women in six cities in three states aging from 18 to 48 confirm it, I now accept it's a thing. STOP!

  • 6

    Women do not like the smell of Axe body spray

    The ads lied my brother. They lied.

  • 6

    Your ex does not want to get back together with you.

    The saddest part of this reality is the few people who DO get back together with their ex usually repeat the same painful breakup a second time. The exceptions are so, so, so very rare.

  • 7

    There's a really important reason sex on the first date doesn't lead to happy relationships

    If you often have sex on the first date you're having sex with a lot men who don't actually like you (they like sex). If you wait until, say, the third date or later, you have a better chance of only being intimate with people who actually like you.

  • 8

    Confidence is more important than weight, hair and breast size

    People who don't have confidence will never understand or accept this, but confidence is the sexiest thing that's out there. But don't confuse actual confidence in false confidence, egotism, arrogance, snobbiness, judgmentalness and a host of other traits that make someone think they're confident. Confidence comes from having a realistic understanding of what you're good at (and for) and liking yourself for it.

  • 9

    All men are NOT the same

    If you think all men are the same, you have a type and that type SUCKS and you've got to grow out of your type to find happiness.

  • 10

    People who cheat to be with you will cheat on you

    Commitment is part of integrity. If your partner lacks integrity, nothing will go well for you.

  • 11

    Romantic movies are full of lies, dirty, dirty lies

    The reason why it's SO HARD to get a man to agree to see a romantic movie is we sit there thinking, "What a crock of poo." Expecting a man to act like the guy in the movie is like them expecting you to act like an actor in an adult film.