There were two different attempts to abduct and lure teenage girls after school in the area according to news reports. Both attempts were after school was released and both happened this week, but one was in Walla Walla and one in Sunnyside. On Monday, a 15 year old was approached by a heavy set man in his 40's, saying he knew he father and that she was pretty. He followed he for a few blocks and then drove away in a silver minivan. He was wearing an orange hat.

The second incident happened on Tuesday in Sunnyside, where a girl was approached by a man in his 30's in a white sedan after school. After the girl ran away, the man tried to chase her before leaving himself. Police have not said the age of the girl or where she goes to school but say the man was 5-foot-10 and 6 feet tall, with brown hair and some facial hair.

If you have any information on either case please call Walla Walla police at 509-527-4434 or Sunnyside police at 509-837-2120.