Neiman Marcus has been putting out a Christmas Book for many years. There Christmas book this year has some amazing items in there. They have a world view of exploration package that is valued at $90,000. They have a his and hers costume trunk valued at  $5,000 each. But, that is not all. Keanu Reeves has something up for grabs in this Christmas book as well.Keanu Reeves has his very own motorcycle company. It is called Arch Motorcycle Company. In the Neiman Marcus 'Fantasy Gift' section is Keanus fantasy gift for you.

For only $150,000 dollars you can get is custom-made motorcycle that is one of only three, plus,you will get a weekend motorcycle road trip with Keanu himself and his motorcycle company co-owner Gard Hollinger!

For that price, he better come dressed at Neo!

The most expensive gift in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is a trip to India for $400,000. Arch Motorcycles comes in second! Dang!

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