You vowed to never become like your mom or dad, but let's face it -- you're there. How do I know? These 23 signs:

  • 1

    You went with children to see "Toy Story"

    It's 20 years old this year
  • 2

    You have to explain what "roll down the window" means

  • 3

    You get ticked about kids leaving the bathroom light on

  • 4

    You remember when Green Day was new

    Nine Inch Nails and Green Day both released their first album more than 25 years ago
  • 5

    You didn't pluck a gray hair because at least it was hair on your head

  • 6

    When you see a big-chested woman and you sympathize with her back pain

  • 7

    A kid asks you what a VHS tape is

  • 8

    Kids ask you what you did before cell phones and Internet

  • 9

    You're really excited about the kitchen gadget you got for Christmas

  • 10

    Pulling an "all nighter" with friends sounds like Hell

  • 11

    None of the people in line with you at Taco Bell remember the Taco Bell chihuahua

  • 12

    You asked for socks for Christmas

  • 13

    You know how to use the Dewey Decimal System

  • 14

    You don't recognize any of the artists during a music awards show

  • 15

    Foo Fighters -- the band that formed AFTER Nirvana -- is 20 years old

  • 16

    You're the age of the dad and uncles on "Full House"

  • 17

    I only relate with the bossy and strict parents on Nickelodeon and Disney shows

  • 18

    People who were born after I became an adult are now old enough to drive

  • 19

    I look forward to hanging out with my parents

  • 20

    You're relieved when it rains because you know the water levels in your community's reservoirs

  • 21

    The time span between the Berlin Wall falling and 9/11 is the same between 9/11 and today

  • 22

    Someone you knew as a baby has a baby

  • 23

    You remember when Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryan was drafted