Stephen Castilleja, a first-grade teacher in Granger, has been taken back into custody after being accused of another molestation.

When police searched his home, the investigators found child pornography that Castilleja had allegedly produced. He was already facing charges, which he plead innocent to, of photographing and molesting a young boy.

On Thursday, Castilleja pleaded innocent to two accounts of first-degree rape of a child, and has trial set for July 18. He already has trial on July 11 for sexual exploitation of a minor and first-degree child molestation.

The two boys who have come forward were not students in Castilleja's class.

He also used to be a member of the Prosser Branch of the Boys & Girls Club, though more lately he's been a volunteer. He's no longer permitted to have contact with any club members or to be on club property.

He's being held at $150,000 bail for the second time this year. His defense claimed this to be excessive, but the court stood firm.

His release was arranged Thursday, but Castilleja is not allowed to be in any sort of contact with minors, isn't supposed to go on the Internet, and cannot go places where there will likely be many minors. He cannot leave Benton and Franklin counties, and has to have a parent go with him whenever he leaves their home.

More information can be found on the Tri-City Herald.