Believe it or not, there have been multiple sightings of Bigfoot right here near the Tri Cities. You have seen the Squatch shows and heard the stories but did you know this legendary creature could be lurking at your back door? Here are 5 stories of sightings that might surprise you.

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    Richland Delta - 1991

    A man was coming home around 2am near the Richland delta on a dirt road near the river when he spotted two bigfoot in front of him. One was shorter then the other and he said they seemed startled when his headlights shined on them. They scared him and he left in a hurry. Then goes in the woods searching for years and has a bigfoot shake his camper with his wife and kids inside.

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    Pendleton, OR - 2005

    A family was swimming near Black Bridge, a husband and wife and their two nieces. The husband was walking not far from where the girls were swimming when he heard whispering near him. He kept moving and the whispering would follow. When he would stop, so would the whispering. He got the "hebbe jeebes" and ran to tell his wife the story. As he is telling her, they hear something behind them and a huge branch is thrown into the water. They say the branch was way too big for any human to throw that far. Needless to say, they got out of there.

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    Boardman ,Or - 1995

    Two hunters were driving along the Columbia River Gorge around 7-8 pm in the spring of 1995. They came around a corner and their headlights shined on a 3 or 4 foot creature in the middle of the road. As they drove past they noticed that it was sitting with one leg forward and one to the side and it was trying to stand up but couldn't. They think it was maybe injured and hit by a car. They talked about stopping and investigating but since it was small they were worried about a dangerous mama  would be around and decided against it.

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    Yakima - 2014

    A woman, her mother, and son were camping near Yakima at Bumping Lake one night when she heard something making clicking noises at night to a pattern. It went on for over 10 minutes but after a while she managed to go back to sleep. Suddenly she is awoken to loud sounds of "stampeding animals" and then something touches her head through the faberic of the tent. She describes the touch as "rough petting" and then one half of her tent is lifted off the ground and put back down.

    Frazer Harrison
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    Tampico,Wa - 2011

    A man was hunting outside of Yakima near the town of Tampico with two rifles and his camera searching for Elk. He was waiting for prey when a large hairy figure stepped out into his clearing. He says it was around 100 yards away and he could see it plain as day. He was petrified to grab either his guns or his camera and decided to soak the experience in and not scare it away. After about a minute, the creature stepped back into the woods and out of sight. The man investigated but found no tracks or trace of what he saw.

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