I saw a stat today that over 40% of all people have tried marijuana at least once, but most people do not know much about it. Even though it has been legal for a while now in a couple states, there are lots of things that most people don't know about marijuana.

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    Weed Has Many Flavors

    Marijuana has many different kinds of strains with a very wide range of tastes and smells. Strains like "Purple Urkle" or "Blue Magoo" taste like berries, where a strain like "Sour Diesel" tastes like gasoline. Other flavors you can find would be pine, orange, lemon, grass, floral, grape, and more!

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    Not All Weed Makes You Tired and Lazy

    One false stereotype about marijuana is that it makes you tired and very lazy. True, there are strains that do make you that way, but not all do. Cannabis is basically split into two different kinds of plants. Indica based plants do make you tired or give you "couch rot" but Sativa based plants give you an alert high that is very different. Most are a mix of both, but be aware so you't get stuck on the couch if you don't want too.

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    Be Careful with Edibles

    Now you can get marijuana products in brownies and cookies and hard candy and more. You can get lots of different kinds of infused oils and use them in all kinds of things you cook. The thing that most people don't understand is that these products are very strong. Most of the horror stories I have heard from people about marijuana have to do with eating too many edibles. Be careful and remember it takes almost an hour to completely hit your system.

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    THC Focuses the Power of the Sun

    What do I mean? They have found that the plants make THC, or the white crystal resin that is on the outside of the plant, for two basic reasons. First to protect from most insects, because it is so strong it paralyzes most insects immediately when they land on it. The other reason is to focus the sunlight so the plant can use it more effectively. The trichomes are the little THC hairs that look like tiny white crystals. The top of the trichome is round like a mushroom and focuses the sunlight on the plant so it can get as much energy from the sun as possible during the flowering stage.

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    President Nixon Smuggled Weed for Louis Armstrong

    There is an old story where Louis Armstrong was getting on a plane with Richard Nixon and Louis asked Dick to carry his bags. He told the president it was because he was an "old man," but it was really to get his weed through security. That took balls!

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