Columbia River Islands

The Columbia River has covered up countless tiny islands throughout the years.There are several islands in the Columbia that are visible in this 1908 edition of a Umatilla map, including: Memaloose, Motfinger, Techumtas, and Van Skinner Island. Today, all you can see is water in-between Oregon and Washington.


Hover, WA

There are numerous little railroad towns established over 100 years ago that have since been swallowed up into the bigger towns we know today, but one that left an imprint is Hover.

Established in 1905, Hover was expected to thrive. It was in great farmland and had a hotel, an opera house, post office, and more. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by fires within a decade.

Original Site of Boardman

The river has substantially risen, and the actual original site has since been covered up.

Original Columbia Park

Priest Rapids

When the Priest Rapids Dam opened in 1959, the rapids and many small islands disappeared.


Photos courtesy of Google Maps and National Geological Survey.