The Seattle Seahawks 2016 schedule was released yesterday and almost all the fans are talking about how great it is compared to past years. There are a lot of reasons why but here are the top 5 reason why I think this schedule is amazing!

  • 1

    5 Prime Time Games

    This year the Seahawks get 5 prime time games and 3 of those are at home in Centurylink. Sunday Night Football on Oct 23rd vs Arizona, Nov 13th at Patriots, Dec 4th vs Panthers, one Monday Night game vs the Bills on Nov 7th, and one Thursday Night game vs the Rams on Dec 15th.

    Streeter Lecka
  • 2

    Only 2 Morning Games All Season

    The Seahawks play better in prime time especially on east coast games and this year the Hawks only have 2 games at 10 am. The first is against the Jets on Oct 2 and the second is Oct 30 against the Saints. All the rest are at least 1 pm starts for our team which I think is a good thing.

    Jamie Squire
  • 3

    Seahawks Open the Season at Home

    Last year the Hawks started 0-2 with road losses and it was tough to get over the hump. This year we open up in front of the 12's in the comfy walls of Centurylink Field against Miami. Miami is going to be good this year and will be a great first test for our team.

    Otto Greule Jr
  • 4

    Seahawks Do Not Play Champion Broncos

    Look, I like beating the champions from the year before, but we have played the Broncos every year since 2010. It will be nice to take at least one season off from our old AFC rival. As a matter of fact we don't play 3 of the 4 old AFC West rivals this season either.

    Otto Greule Jr
  • 5

    3 of Last 5 Games at Home

    The end of the season, the Seahawks can lean on the power of the 12's because 3 of the 5 final games are at home. Hopefully that can give them the extra support they need to lock up home field advantage and bring the Championship back home in 2016.

    Getty Images