Miesha Tate recently stunned the world by announcing her retirement from fighting after a disappointing loss to Raquel Pennington. 

Tate had endeared herself to Columbia Basin residents when it was revealed she had been training locally.

The Tacoma native definitely left her mark on an ever-changing and still impressionable sport.

Why do we love her so much?

  1. After she fights, she drinks Budweiser and cupcakes. Rinse, repeat. 

  2. The Tate vs. Rousey rivalry is one of the best of all time. 

  3. She once carried a six year-old girl with a broken arm down a mountain in Nevada. 

  4. She saved the life of her boyfriend's mother after the woman suffered an asthma attack while scuba diving.

  5. She bared it all in the 2013 ESPN Body Issue.

  6. BONUS: She LOVES the Seahawks!

She just might be the next face of Chuck Norris facts! Enjoy retirement, Miesha.

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